Pharmacometrics is a science that utilizes mathematical modeling and simulation technology to analyze and predict the pharmacological/clinical effects and adverse reactions of drugs in humans and is now widely used in drug development and the appropriate use of drugs in clinical practice. In other words, the quantitative relationships that exist between drug dosage and administration method and pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, efficacy, and safety in the body are described by mathematical models, and the optimal dosage and administration method is deduced by the model-based approach. At the same time, individual differences in pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety are elucidated and utilized for dose optimization (Precision Dosing).

Systems pharmacology describes the pharmacological mechanisms of action in the living organism using mathematical models to gain a deep understanding of the mechanisms of action and to unravel the mysteries of over- and non-response. Pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology is an emerging data science in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

The Laboratory of Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology at Keio Frontier Research & Education Collaborative Square at Tonomachi (Tonomachi Town Campus) conducts research, education, and training in this field. The concept of the Town Campus is a place that provides learning opportunities open to the community and is a campus for study not only for Keio students, but also for working people and students from other universities. Pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology is not included in the curriculum of the university’s education program because it is an emerging data science. However, it is certainly growing in importance and necessity in both drug development and clinical drug use.

If you are interested in studying or researching in this field, let’s experience the world of pharmacometrics, learn together and acquire expertise and skills. We hope to develop human resources who can use their expertise in various opportunities such as drug development, evaluation and clinical use of medical products.

April 2021

Prof. Yusuke Tanigawara, Ph.D.

Advanced Research Project Professor
Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology
Keio Frontier Research & Education Collaborative Square at Tonomachi
Keio University

Prof. Yusuke Tanigawara, Ph.D.